Why You Need Lightning Protection for Your Home

a painting of lightning over a desert landscape

You might be thinking, lightning would only be dangerous as long as you were standing out in the open during a thunderstorm. However, that is not always the case. Lightning can affect you just as badly while you are inside.

Let’s have a look at the effects lightning can have on your home and as a result on you.

1. Damage to Electrical Appliances

A lightning strike can increase the surge of electricity in a home by a thousand.

The abrupt surge of electricity can fuse off electronic appliances instantly. During a thunderstorm, you should turn off and unplug all the electronics in your home to protect and prevent them from breaking.

2. Electrocution and Injury

You may not realize it but when lightning surges through your home, any metal surface can become its conductor.

If unfortunately, you happen to be holding on to that surface when lightning strikes, you can get electrocuted or otherwise seriously injured. Burns, shock, and in some unfortunate cases even death occurs almost instantly at the time of contact with a surface conducting this sudden surge of electricity.

3. Structural Tearing

A sharp lightning strike can tear through your roof, its gutters, or even right through your attic.

The concrete can also become significantly damaged due to lightning. This is the main reason you should stay in storm cellars or basements during a thunderstorm. Even if your roof suffer extreme damage, you can at least protect yourself.

4. Fire

Any open wires, connections, or electricity boards can easily catch fire the second lightning strikes your home. This fire can travel through the rest of your house quickly. Everything you own is at a risk of burning down almost immediately if your house is not covered by lightning protection.

In order to protect yourself from such catastrophic accidents, you should consider having a lightning protection systems in your home. Only experts who have knowledge about the standards established by the government in this respect should install lightning protection in your home.

Not only will it keep your expensive electronics from fusing off,  but it will also keep you and your family protected against an unforeseen fire erupting in the aftermath of a lightning strike.

You can avail two kinds of equipments for protecting your home. The first is a surge protector that will keep the level of electricity moderate in your home even if there is an abrupt surge. Another is the East Coast Lightning Equipment (ECLE) which can only be installed by our experts here in Santa Fe, NM.

If you live in Santa Fe NM, then Gorman lightning Protection and Electric can keep your home protected from lightning strikes and other electrical disturbances. Keep yourself and your family safe from accidents of nature that we can’t otherwise control. The protection we provide will cover your house for any major damages that you will suffer without it. Contact us for keeping your home the sanctuary it has always been and to stay prepared for anything.

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