Why Lightning Protection is Important for Your Home and Its Appliances

illustration of a lightning strike across the night sky in a desert landscape

Lightning is one of the unforeseen hazards.

Generally, dry thunderstorms have more incidents of lightning strikes when compared with thunderstorms accompanied by rains.

Seeking shelter during thunderstorms is the first thing that should come to your mind. However, most people act very carelessly while a thunderstorm is forming. It puts them in the danger of being electrocuted by lightning.

People who do pay attention to the experts and stay inside during thunderstorms are not completely safe either! Why? Because many of them have no lightning protection systems installed in their homes. This happens because you are unaware of why lightning protection is important for your home and its appliances.

Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons you should install a good lighting system in your home.

1. It Damages Your Home Appliances

If lightning strikes your home, it won’t just affect the structure of your home but it will also damage your home appliances. One of the main reasons for that is the increase in a power surge. When lightning strikes, the charge surging through the outlets and the cables in your home is amplified so much so that the appliances connected with it fuse off immediately.

The most common example of these appliances can be your television set, your refrigerator, and even your telephone.

2. It Can Make Your Home Appliances Conductors of High Voltage Electricity

If you have appliances with metal handles then you need to stay away from those during thunderstorms. Such appliances can be your washing machine or refrigerator. As these appliances have metal handles they can conduct electricity when lightning strikes your home.

Since you can’t know when lightning might strike your home, it is better to stay away from such appliances.

3. It Can Injure You

When many of your appliances turn into electricity conductors, you can be at a greater risk of injury. Research shows that 90% of the time victims of lightning strikes suffer temporary paralysis. Some even experience second-degree burns and in some cases, there are casualties as well!

4. It Lights up the Wood

If you have wooden floors in your home then you should be even warier of lightning. If there is any direct contact of lightning with the wood in your house, it could catch fire immediately. Your house could burn down!

In a state like New Mexico where lightning strikes are a regular, you just have to take every precaution possible to keep yourself and your family safe from lightning strikes. If you live in Santa Fe, NM Gorman Lightning Protection & Electric is the best company you can hire for protecting your home against lightning strikes.

Our experts have both the technical and practical knowledge as well as the experience to keep your home the safe haven it was always intended to be. Contact us and keep your family safe in every possible way.

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