Using a Professional for Generator Installation

generator outside a home

Ever had an unexpected power outage? Remember the feeling of being disconnected from the world for several hours? No one wants that to happen frequently in their lives.  A generator can help you gain control of a situation like that. Whether it runs on fuel or coal, a home generator can be one of the most valuable possessions you own. It has the capacity to keep your refrigerator, your freezer, and even your AC unit running in the event of power failure. By installing this one electrical appliance, you are actually protecting all the appliances in your home.

Let’s have a look at the steps that will help you install a generator in your home safely.

1. Select an Appropriate Place for the Generator

First, you need to make sure that your generator is placed well away from the windows and doors of your home. Find a place that stays vacant most of the time. Make sure that it stays in a clear and safe area to protect your family and home should any unlikely malfunctions arise.

2. Make a Concrete Slab Before You Bring the Generator Home

Place a concrete slab or have one built in the place you wish to keep your generator. This creates a permanent place for your generator to be and will protect it from outside dust and debris.

3. It should be Near the Gas Line

If the generator runs on gas, it should be placed where a gas line can easily reach it. Once, you have it settled connect the gas line to the generator.

4. Connect a Line-Voltage Cable to the Generator

The next step is to connect a line-voltage cable to the generator so electricity can be supplied in your home.

5. Try Not to Do It Yourself

It is never recommended to install a generator on your own. It has the capacity to control the voltage of your entire house. Without the proper experience, installing a generator could become harmful and dangerous. Many fatalities have been reported during the installation of generators by civilians. To install a new home generator, the use of a licensed electrician is highly recommended. They not only have the tools to do it right, but they also have the technique and experience to do the job safely.

An expert can get through the process of installation unscathed. In fact, they will make sure the generator is installed in the right place and in a way that it won’t affect the safety of your home.

A power generator may not seem very important to you as power outages are not very frequent. However, if you live in Santa Fe NM where temperatures could touch 100 degrees, a power outage for a couple of days even in a couple of months would be enough to make your life quite miserable. Necessities like AC units, refrigerators, and heaters just can’t be avoided even for a few hours. You need to make provisions for it by installing a power generator to keep you secured against unnecessary disruptions in power. Gorman Lightning Protection & Electric has an expert crew that can install a generator in your home quickly and safely. Contact us and protect your family from unexpected power outages!

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