How a Home Safety Check Is Performed

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Ever had an abrupt break-out of fire in your home? Never understood how that happened? Although it can be hard to understand why such a catastrophic event has happened to you, the answer may be right before your eyes. Performing a regular home inspection will help you stay on top of electrical wiring and related things in your home. This will ensure that you know what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Let’s have a look at how an electrical home safety check is done.

1. Switches and Outlets

The foremost things that you need to check are the switches and outlets in your home. The main reason for this is that you and your family come in regular contact with them. To check your outlets, you should first look for any switches that may not be operating. You may have a problem with switching them on or off. Secondly, if any of the outlets are too loose or too tight for the plugs then that too is a problem for you.

In addition, if the switches and outlets in your home turn too hot then you have to worry about them. They could catch fire due to improper wiring on the inside. The same danger arises when you keep hearing crackling or sizzling noises from these outlets and switches.

2. Check the Power Cords

Before using any of the electrical appliances in your home, you should check their power cords. If any of the cords are damaged, you could easily get electrocuted. Sometimes, the cords are detached from the plug due to damage at the base of the plug. Inspecting power cords is also essential for the safety of your children. Although you may not be able to keep them away from the cords, you can at least ensure that the cords are safe to touch.

3. Exposed Receptacle Boxes

If you have exposed receptacle boxes in your home, make sure they are made with non-conductive materials.

4. Hire a Professional

Doing all these checks yourself can be rather difficult and impractical. You are at risk of being shocked or getting burnt if you try and do such checks yourself. However, by hiring an expert to help you with the safety inspection of your home, you are ensuring the job is done properly. In addition to providing you with solutions for the repair and maintenance of the electrical things in your home that are damaged, an electrician can offer advice on any improvements you may need in your home.

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