Why Lightning Protection Is Important For Your Home

lightning bolt over a neighborhood at night

We all spend tens of thousands of dollars on ensuring that our homes are protected by installing expensive security systems and whatnot. A lot of people spend thousands just installing alarms and other things, such as guards and security systems to make sure that their loved ones are always safe and sound even when they themselves are not at home.

However, what plenty of people don’t think about is the fact that due to the weather condition that is prevalent all around the world, they need to think and incorporate systems into their lives which will ensure that they do not become a victim to natural disasters.

Of course, many people might feel that they’re being a bit too paranoid by thinking along these lines, but in reality, it’s just them being careful and vigilant about their surroundings.

Lightning Protection

As times have progressed, so has technology. People have now begun to realize that there are systems that can give protection from natural disasters such as lightning. It’s not a hidden record that each year, many people die because they were struck by lightning. A lot of homes and properties also get destroyed as a result of these lightning outbursts, and the worst part is that if you do not have legitimate lightning protectors installed, there’s really nothing you can do or blame for such catastrophes.

 Lightning Protection Systems

There are plenty of different lightning protection systems available for a variety of prices, so you never really have to worry about whether you’ll be able to afford one or not. Here are the lightning protection systems that you can install in your home:

  • Grounds: This procedure incorporates two ground rods which are dug into the ground at least 10 feet deep. This is required for almost all structures. They work by directing the dangerous current of lightning into the ground which results in elimination of chances of injury or severe structure damage.
  • Air Terminals: Possibly the most common type of lightning protection systems, air terminals or lightning rods are made out of copper or aluminum. They are mounted vertically on the roof and serve as strike receptors which are great at intercepting the lightning strike.
  • Tree Protection: Due to the fact that most of the time, when lightning strikes a tree, it ends up causing great damage to properties or even lives in many cases. Thus, there are legitimate tree protection systems which ensure that such scenarios won’t take place around you.
  • Bonds: These are also copper or aluminum rods which are designed for the purpose of preventing side flashing – a term given to the act of lightning flashing between two objects.

However, regardless of the lightning protection system that you opt for, what’s important is that you do install these in your home in order to live a life that is secure and protected at all times. When you have lightning protection, you won’t have to worry about thunderstorms that could cause damage to you, your home or your loved ones.

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