What Appliances Need Surge Protectors?

kitchen appliances on display

A house can have various appliances working in it. Each of those appliances have different energy needs. Without a surge protector in place, this can end up causing a lot of confusion as to which appliance was the culprit for the damaging surge. Additionally, this will also result in large electric bills, not to mention you will have to pay more to get yourself a new appliance.

Now, before you get a surge protector for your appliances, you have to make sure you understand which areas of your home need appliance surge protectors. The following are the different appliances in your home that need it:


In the kitchen, you usually have a lot of appliances that can put a sudden demand on your electric power. The following kitchen appliances should always have a surge protector:

  • Fridge – These are always running on a 24-hour basis. In fact, fridges are very rarely turned off. Due to this reason, it is necessary to make sure you have a surge protector in place. Surges caused by other appliances can end up affecting them more and cause damage. Additionally, getting a new fridge is also expensive and so are the repairs.
  • Freezer – If you have a separate freezer in your home, you will have to get a surge protector for it. This follows the same principles as the fridge. It is always active and it will be an expensive appliance to replace and fix.
  • Other Appliances – Other kitchen appliances such as ice cream makers, blenders, cake mixers and more will require surge protectors. It all depends upon how much you use them. In homes where baking is done frequently, the cake mixer will need a surge protector. There is also no harm in getting a surge protector for additional appliances so you don’t cause a surge when the appliance is used.

Laundry Room

In the laundry room, there are only two main appliances, namely the dryer and the washer, and many people often don’t get surge protectors for them. However, these are both appliances consume a lot of energy and you will be better off getting a protector. Having to get repairs done for them will be very costly so it is always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry.

Living Room

The living room usually has a lot of appliances and can cause a surge in electricity more frequently. The following are the appliances needing surge protectors in your living room:

  • The TV – While televisions aren’t always responsible for causing surges, they are sensitive and can become damaged more easily. Due to this, it is necessary to make sure you get a surge protector for them.
  • The Computer – Due to their usability and different components, surge protectors are necessary for computers. Additionally, components such as printers, scanners, and even fax machines can cause a surge so having protectors in place is necessary.

For all these appliances, having a surge protector is a necessity to ensure your home doesn’t suffer from power outages and electric damages.

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