Do I Need an Appliance Surge Protector?

electrical outlet with a plug plugged in but also on fire

Before you get a new appliance, it is always a good idea to consider its power requirements and the voltage it can support. Appliances made for different places have different power voltage requirements. Some can be higher whereas others can be lower. In this case, just plugging them in can be a recipe for disaster since it will cause a surge in current.

Either the appliance will be damaged or you will face some other form of electric problem. In this case, you will have to get a surge protector to make sure you are able to use the appliance. However, not everyone knows if they should use one with a guarantee. If you are confused about using an appliance surge protector, pay attention to the following:

Power Requirements of the Appliance

Always pay attention to the power requirements of the appliance. As stated earlier, these can differ and due to this, a surge or a spike may happen. Even if the surge doesn’t destroy the appliance immediately, it can end up causing damage over time.

This will eventually ruin the appliance beyond repair. Additionally, it can cause expensive damage which will take a lot of time to fix as well. By paying attention to this factor, you can quickly gauge if you need an appliance as yet.

Number of Appliances

If you have too many appliances, there might be a possibility you need to use an appliance surge protector. In this case, you will have to make sure that no appliance is suddenly causing a big demand on your electricity consumption.

From kitchen appliances like fridges and blenders to other appliances like the TV, printer or computer, if you are already functioning on full capacity, you will have to get a surge appliance protector. Otherwise, it is possible you will end up with damaged appliances.

Different Types of Surge Protectors

Surge protectors for appliances are usually available based on two different types. You can either get a power strip surge protector, or you can opt for a wall strip protector. Choosing between the two is usually based on various factors and personal preference.

  • Power Strip Surge Protector – This is usually chosen because of the flexibility it offers. It is usually built into a cord power strip and allows you to safely plug in two or more appliances without any worries. It is usually attached to a wall strip but you can also move it close to your appliances.
  • Wall Strip Surge Protector – Wall strip surge protectors are more permanent and are usually affixed to the wall. They are not as flexible and are usually meant for use in a fixed place such as on the kitchen wall or under the desk. They are also more heavy-duty but they cannot be moved to other places.

With either of these surge protectors, you can make sure your appliances are in perfect condition and you can use them in your home without any problems.¬†In case you’re still unsure if it’s worth getting an appliance surge protector, check out his article¬†here.

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