Why Gorman Electric?

Two big lightning strikes in the night sky

Whether you are in the process of building a new house, renovating your old one, or need a simple repair, you need the help of an electrical contractor to perform specialized tasks related to electrical systems. The technicians that these contractors send hold licenses and are insured. Gorman Lightning and Electric are known for our high level of knowledge, experience, and capability in Santa Fe and the surrounding Northern New Mexico area.

Gorman has maintained a good reputation in the area for the past 14 years because of our attention to detail and pricing that is fair. Our BBB – Better Business Bureau — rating is A+ because we are known to do the job right on the first time.

Our experienced team of residential and commercial electricians are certified and have experience in handling all sorts of installations, electrical repairs, and remodels which includes installation of power outlets, and hot tubs, repairing power outages, or hardware malfunction.

There are a couple of outstanding reasons why you can put your confidence in electrical services from Gorman Electric in Santa Fe, New Mexico:

Better Quality

Through the years we have had hundreds of service calls with few complaints. Our electricians have been trained and understand they need to treat every electrical issue as their own and take the time to do the job correctly. Also, they make sure that the customer is completely satisfied.

These electricians, as mentioned earlier, are licensed and their background has been checked and verified before they are hired by the company which assures our customers that their issues would be handled by professionals.

Free Estimates

Free estimates are given to every customer, no matter the size. A time and material pricing method are also used. A detailed explanation is also given before you pay a penny for the job that is required and a justification for the amount that is paid.

Emergency Electrical Services

Gorman Electric even works after hours and an experienced electrician is always on standby to receive calls and send someone to the house or area where there is a need as they understand that electrical issues are not supposed to be taken lightly.

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