Electrical Safety Tips While Remodeling

electrical wires

Sooner or later, every homeowner gets the home improvement bug. When remodeling, most people think about color schemes and budgets, but it’s critical to think about safety, especially electrical safety:

Testing equipment

Avoid touching live electrical equipment or wiring. Use electrical power testing equipment to protect yourself from dangerous and unwanted shocks. Also, make sure you have voltage detectors, receptacle testers, and clamp meters to enhance safety.

Evaluate if remodeling will compromise the electrical system

While some remodeling projects are minor and small, others are massive. Regardless of the size and scope of the improvement project, you need to evaluate if the changes will compromise the electrical system.

Some of the questions that you must answer are:

• Will the improvement project increase the electrical load?
• Is wire rerouting necessary to accommodate the changes?
• Do you have to install extra outlets or receptacles?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you need to hire an electrical contractor or electrician to make the necessary electrical system adjustments.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

If your outlets are hot or warm, then there is trouble as this could mean a few things are not okay: wiring is melting, the electrical load is high, or wiring is loose or not up to code.

Replace old outlets with new ones. Switch outlets that are near water to code-correct GFCI outlets. Contact an electrical contractor to handle these requests.

Too Few Outlets

If you have a big family, your electrical power requirements are definitely high. During a home improvement project is the best time to add extra outlets on the walls. Your family probably had different needs for the additional outlets including rooms with video games and TVs, and an office with printers and laptops.

Kitchens with new appliances and gadgets

If you are using more than one extension cord and power strip for daily usage, then this is the right time for an electrical upgrade. An electrical contractor can include additional outlets in the remodeling plan to solve the issue of unplugging gadgets and extensions.

While home improvement is every homeowner’s dream, do not forget to check the safety and your electrical system. The above electrical safety tips will help you get started.

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Is your electrical system up to code? Take a look!

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