What Are Electrical Receptacles?

electrical outlet being worked on

The receptacle definition of electrical receptacles are types of sockets or outlets that provide a location in a system where the wire can be inserted to provide electrical current. The most common type is the electrical outlet found in most homes, businesses, or other types of buildings. Also known as wall plugs or electrical outlets, the electrical receptacle is most useful to provide power to operate electrical devices.

A receptacle definition can include several types of products that can be used in a variety of ways for the use of electricity. Some of the types of electrical outlets include the commercial-grade, the duplex, decorator hospital-grade styles, power outlets, night lights, range and dryer outlets, surge protective, and many others.

One of the commercial-grade receptacles includes the weather-resistant type. This outlet is used to provide a positive ground with an auto-ground clip. It is perfect for the outdoors and can last long under all types of environmental conditions.

The decorator hospital-grade types use a dual mechanical shutter system. This system helps to prevent foreign objects from being inserted. This receptacle is built for the most demanding hospital and medical environment. It allows LEDs to operate by themselves to allow split-circuit types of wiring installations. They can also be tamper-resistant.

The duplex type is most commonly seen in the home or office environment. It is the typical outlet that allows two different wires to be inserted at the same time. These are available in a variety of colors and amp usage.

The surge protective outlets are mainly utilized to prevent surge damage to electrical sources such as computers. To increase transient protection and reliability, the best types of these outlets are tamper-resistant, extra heavy-duty duplex receptacles.

The power outlets are good to use for both residential and commercial purposes. They are available in a variety of amps from 30A to 60A, and a choice of heights and widths. They should also be ROHS compliant.

Night lights aren’t just the types that are used to find the way in the dark at home in the middle of the night. They are also useful for hallways, and also are made in hospital grades. The common night light has a single receptacle side and back wire. This is a 120/125VAC white with 20amp. The night light that is energy efficient is an LED which can last for 20 years without the need to replace a bulb.

The range and dryer outlets are power outlets made to accommodate large appliances. These are safely used to provide the stronger power needed to operate these appliances.

These electrical receptacles are just a small variety of the ones that are available. It is important to hire a professional electrician to determine which ones are the best for home, business, or hospital use.

The next step isĀ understanding surge protectors, and how they can potentially save you thousands of dollars in case of an electrical accident.

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