Important Facts to Know About the Dangers of Lightning

Two big lightning strikes in the night sky

“When Thunder and Lightening Roars, It’s better to go Indoors”

It’s true… the only way to survive lightning is to just get shelter. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts about lightning such as the one about the umbrella. However, that’s just a myth! There are many myths about lightning that have left people worried. It’s hard to distinguish between what’s true and what’s false. This is why; we bring you a few facts about lightning that will finally settle the problem once and for all.

Let’s start:

Myth: If you stand holding an umbrella during a lightning storm, you will get struck for sure.

Fact: Well, this age old debate has been going on for very long. You get to see these kinds of scenes in movies all the time.

So, is it true?


It’s not the umbrella that attracts the lightning, it’s the metal. Even then, you won’t probably get struck by lightning unless it strikes just three feet away from you. While large metal objects get struck pretty fast by lightning, small metal objects are mostly a hit and miss.

Myth: Lightning mostly strikes tall objects.

Fact: Lightening can strike pretty much anywhere. The Empire State building was once struck 25 times in a year. Chances of you getting stuck by lightening while standing on your roof or on the road are the same.

Myth: During a storm, one way to escape unscathed is to lie on the ground.

Fact: Whoever came up with this myth might possibly be a moron. By lying on the ground, you are making yourself more vulnerable to lightning. Deadly electrical currents pass along the ground with high speed and in all directions. By doing this, you are actually inviting lightning to come and strike you.

Myth: Any metal object on your body will attract lightning

Fact: As discussed earlier, metal does attract lightning but a pair of car keys in your pocket is not something that will strike you dead. The three factors that attract lightning are an object’s pointy shape, height and how clear the area around it is.

For example: If you have a metal fence that got electrocuted by lightning, there’s a high possibility that if you are standing near it or touch it, you will be electrocuted too.

Myth: Staying in a car during a lightning storm is a deadly idea

Fact: A car and a house are possibly the safest options to protect yourself from getting struck by lightning. If you are stranded on a road during a lightning storm, it’s better to stay inside the car. The car’s metal works as a “Faraday Cage” that directs the lightning from the car into the ground.

Lightning can be very unpredictable. Most people believe that lightning is a result of rain and dark clouds but it can also strike a dry patch of land that has clear skies above. If you are in such close proximity that you can see the lightning, then better seek shelter.

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