USB Electrical Outlets – It’s Not the Future, It’s Here and It’s GREAT

Blue USB cord

USB charger electrical outlets have become an important component in homes. Families with a lot of devices with members who don’t particularly enjoy waiting until the outlets free up to plug in their charger realize the importance of having USB charger electrical outlets in the house. You can bypass the waiting by using USB charger electrical outlets so you can charge your devices straight from the wall without occupying outlet space with big and blocky charging adapters.

USB electrical outlets allow you to charge at least two USB-powered devices at once. You don’t have to worry about the regulation of output power because these USB electrical outlets contain the adequate circuitry to recognize the particular electronic device you plugged in terms of its power demand to supply it with the required quantity of power.

Here are the some of the top companies offering the best USB charger electrical outlets in the market.

1. Top Greener

Top Greener is a high-tech company based in California and is one of the most reliable names in the USB charger electrical outlet market. You do not need an adapter when plugging your electronic device into Top Greener TU2154A high-speed USB charger outlet, thanks to its smart intelli-chip that provides the devices with optimum charge according to their voltage requirement. It features 5 Volts DC with a current of 4.0 Amperes to accommodate for all your smartphones, tablets and i-devices. Additionally, it is also safe for your toddler with due credit to its Tamper Resistant Receptacle that doesn’t allow other cords into the outlets. The installation is quick and charges your devices quickly.

2. Bestten

Bestten is one of the leading brands when it comes to USB charger electrical outlets. The most salient feature of Bestten’s multi-outlet wall mount adapter is that it contains 4 USB ports so you can charge multiple electronic devices simultaneously. It only provides power within the safe threshold, so you don’t have to be concerned about voltage spikes reducing the battery life of your devices. Aside from the multiple USB ports, it also has 3 AC electrical outlets for your electronic appliances and the panel is spacious enough to accommodate the adapters. With Besten’s multi-outlet wall mount, cords are least likely to get tangled up. Furthermore, there is a holder for your phone that slides out of the side!

3.  GE

Each 2-pack high-speed dual USB charger outlet by GR features two USB ports and two AC outlets in each receptacle. The upgraded model charges your electrical devices even faster than its predecessors. The USB ports produce a current and power of 4.0 Amperes and 20 Watts respectively. If you need to fill up your battery in a short span of time, you can count on the GE 2-pack high-speed USB charger. Its charging speed clocks 40% faster than its competitors. All customers receive a certified under UL listing along with a two-year long warranty for their purchase. The Tamper Resistant Receptacle also does a good job at blocking other objects from entering the outlets.