Top Reasons Why a Surge Protector Makes Sense for Your Business

surge protector

Ever noticed how a hose pipe bursts due to excessive pressure? This is most common during winters when homeowners leave standing water in the hose pipe which con expands upon freezing causing a burst. Power surges are no different. When too much of electrical current passes through a wire, it gets heated up and eventually burns or causes s short circuit. (Bursts)

A sudden power surge may cause damage to your appliances and systems. Even if it doesn’t damage them promptly, it can put strain on them which will eventually wear them down sooner. No wonder so many businesses today rely on surge protectors in their offices and warehouses. A surge protector restricts the amount of voltage when it exceeds the limit (120 volts) by breaking the circuit. What else does it do and why your business needs one? Here are some suggestions.

Data Security

One of the biggest and perhaps the scariest loss for any business is the loss of data. Since everything today has been computerized, it is vital for businesses to keep their systems up to date and working 24/7. Loosing these valuable resources due to some power outrage could mean the end of your business and leave you with hefty insurance costs to be paid. But what if the risk can be prevented with a surge protector? Wouldn’t you want it?

Appliance Protection

Systems aren’t the only power-consuming items in any office or business setting. There are air conditioners, refrigerator, water coolers, microwaves and many such other appliances. Ensuring that they too, like your system remain damage-free is also every administration’s main concern. A surge protector in this regard can take off some of the burden from the administration as they don’t have to worry about any short circuits or heated wires.


Cost is any business owner’s primary concern. Any businessman would wish to minimize repair and damage costs as much as possible. In case of a power surge, electronics that aren’t protected may end up damaged. Replacement of electronics like printers, systems, air conditioning units etc. isn’t cheap investment. Therefore, to prevent any such preventable investments, surge protectors are a great and affordable alternative.

Inexpensive Insurance

Surge protectors in offices can also serve as cheap insurance as it prevents electronics from damage. Isn’t that the goal of every business to minimize the expenses?

Avoid Downtime of Electronics

Businesses that fail to acknowledge the benefits are left to deal with power loss and burnt wiring in electronics which increases the downtime. This leads to the loss of productive hours and even days –until the appliance or system is replaced or repaired. With a surge protector, this is never the case and precious time can easily be saved and costly repairs avoided.


Finally, surge protectors are user-friendly. There isn’t any intricate installation or hardware involved, as one simply has to plug in a few cords and the surge protector will be ready to take over. When plugged, they restrict any fluctuations in the voltage in case of a power surge. This ensures that the power stays under control no matter what or for how long does the surge lasts. Once the outrage is over, the surge protections opens the circuit to safely let the power in, ensuring the smooth and undisturbed working of all your electronically systems and appliances.